Every year, we sponsor several small monthly events in Europe and America, as well as large annual events at no cost to the event.

To qualify for sponsorship, your event must meet our criteria:

  • Be a pup-focused event, not just be pup-friendly or an event with a pup area
  • Provide adequate play areas
  • Not conflict with another event we sponsor - we have a limited budget per region as want to support as many areas around the world
  • Be open to people of all sexualities and gender identities, and challenge discrimination against protected characteristics
  • Be run for the pup community, not just for profit
  • Keep your listings on here up to date

New Events

New events often need some equipment to get started. In the UK, we can help provide floor mats, dog beds, toys and other accessories. Outside of the UK, we’re limited in what we can send. Help and advice are always free.

Regular Events

If you run a monthly or bi-monthly event, we can send free goodies. These can be used as gifts, prizes for contests or giveaways in a raffle - all with the intention of raising money for the event itself or a chosen charity.

We also occasionally send other free items such as boxes of badges, dog toys and silicone puppy wristbands.

Annual Events

For annual events, we can provide more goodies. We can supply small goodie bags to contestants in annual competitions as long as they meet our criteria. We can also supply additional items for events that run charity raffles.

All events can be listed on Puppy Pride for free, regardless of whether we sponsor them or not.

Event listings do not constitute sponsorship or endorsement from Puppy Pride. All sponsorship is at the discretion of the Puppy Pride Team.