About Us

Our Goal

  • To helps pups from all over the world.
  • To provide a safe space for them to talk to each other.
  • To help them find events local to them so they can meet other pups.
  • To try to improve the global pup community as much as we can.
  • And to keep this website free for everyone to use.

Our History

It all started in 2011. That year at Pride in London, pups went to watch the parade. When the main floats and walkers had passed, the pups joined others at the back of the parade, making it the first year that pups joined as a group. The following year, the group officially registered to walk at Pride in London. When there was a call to name the parade group, the name Puppy Pride was chosen.

In 2013, Puppy Pride became a social network to connect pups, handlers and friends in the UK. Starting with event listings and blog articles, the site grew as more people added their own events, photos, groups and more from around the world!

In 2016, the Puppy Pride Store launched to sell unique T-shirts and basic pup gear. Today, the store now provides a huge range of high quality pup and fetish gear at much more affordable prices. Profits from the store keep the social network running for free, and sponsor events in countries around the globe. We donate raffle prizes to events to help them raise funds for themselves and charities, and we furnish multiple events with toys and equipment such as floor mats and dog beds.

Since 2016, we’ve also created Subscription Packs, filled with goodies including T-shirts, caps, drinking glasses, socks and more, with themes including Spy Barkcademy, Proud To Be A Pup, and Yappy New Year! You can learn more here: https://puppypride.social/about-us/subscription-packs

In 2020, we’ll be walking in the Pride in London Parade for the 10th year in a row. We hope to join fellow international LGBT+ allies, and see as many pups as possible in June!

Puppy Pride has always been a completely volunteer run organisation, with all the staff working for the benefit of the worldwide pup community.


Pride in London 2012



Pride in London 2019

Pride in London 2019