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Puppy Pride

Puppy Pride is a website run by pet play enthusiasts for pet play enthusiasts. Our main aim is to provide a safe place for all pet players to come to, to enable them to talk to other pets, or arrange meets.

We built this webstore with the aim in mind, and will be constantly trying to locate the best pup gear we can find and to provide you with as much choice as we can reguarding your gear. We know that everyone has different tastes, and so we have sourced a large selection of products for you all.

You'll find a range of small and large suppliers in the store for you to pick from, and we encurage you to try manufacturers you've never heard of before.

If you want something that you can't see in the store please contact [email protected] and I'll try my best to get it for you. If you are a supplier or creator of any products that you think the pups might be interested in then please contact me as well!

Most importantly of all, we hope you have lots of fun with anything you buy from us, and enjoy your life as a pup.